Incoming President's Message 2018/19

First of all can I thank Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club for nominating me for the position of your president for the coming season, I am honoured to have this bestowed upon me and hope we have a successful season.

A big thank you to the Executive committee for all the hard work they all do in keeping Sussex Indoor Bowls at the forefront of the game. At this point I would like to thank Tony Phillips for the amount of time and effort he has put into Sussex Indoor Bowls over a couple of decades as our Secretary… he has decided it is time to stand down due to health issues and we all wish him well for the future. I would also like to wish Darrell Petts well for his recovery after his illness which resulted in him not being able to carry out the Vice President duties.

Barry has had an excellent season as President winning 11 out of the 12 badge matches, the Deric Homes Trophy and the U/25s winning the Inter County League, I have enjoyed being his Vice President with some good wins, enjoyable games and an excellent tour, he just missed out on a 100% record in Badge Games which gives me a chance…. thanks Barry!

We look forward to having some success at senior level in the Liberty Trophy and Home Counties League…. we have very capable players to achieve this and hope they make themselves available to the National Team Manager.

The U/25 team is progressing very well and will be a great asset to the Senior Side when their time comes to move up.

I hope members will consider putting themselves forward for the vacancies we have on the executive, we need you to keep the county progressing.

I look forward to playing alongside many of you this year and promise not to bash my Skips too much, whats the odds on me keeping that one!

May I wish you all success in club games and county games but most of all….


Ray (Wiggy) Leggett

SCIBA President 2018/19

Outgoing President's Message 2018


I wish to thank you all for making my SCIBA Presidency such a brilliant term in office. Without your help it would not have gone anywhere near as well. May I also put on record my sincere thanks to my own club, Horsham & District IBC, for putting me forward. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and it's been my pleasure to play host to all the clubs at least once during the year and to see so many old friends on and off the green and continuing to enjoy life. Long may it last!

My thanks are extended to all Executive Officers who undertake positions that help each of us to meet the needs of the affiliated membership. As a group they are diligent, committed and cheerful and each has helped make my year as President a memorable one. Under my Presidency Sussex won the Deric Homes Memorial Inter-County League Trophy for only the second time and our brilliant young players, our Under 25's.. rewarded us all by winning the Inter-County League yet AGAIN! Simply amazing and with their continued success the future looks increasingly brighter for indoor bowls in this county.

May I also pay tribute to our improved selection process for those playing in the twelve (12) representative badge matches... Introduced and reinforced some five years ago it is clearly beginning to bear fruit as we used to lose on average two thirds of all our inter-county fixtures and in this season we have almost managed a clean sweep of those very important badge games! Well done to the players and let's endeavour to maintain and better it in the future.

It was with much regret that we had to lose Darrell Petts as the DVP after his stroke. It was evident that he would have to stand down once we learned of the impact of his illness. We all wish Darrell better health and a return to the bowls green in the not too distant future.

I wish Ray Leggett every success for his year as your President. As Ray takes over from me he may be assured that I shall support and help him through his tenancy as President of Sussex County.. as he did for me but I'm sure that "Wiggy" as he is better known to us all will, with his wealth of experience in Sussex be an excellent Presidential successor and a great Ambassador for our County.

In conclusion may I ask all the clubs too consider nominating a Member who they consider would make a good President. At the moment we have vacancies in both the DVP and VP spots. Being the County President is nothing to be concerned about and if I can do it then anyone can! It truly is a great honour to take the Presidency and a great joy to see it through to completion.

Best wishes and I look forward to seeing you all on the green very soon......

Barry Baillie

Sussex County IBA President 2017/18

12th June, 2018