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Sussex Youth Academy Under -18 Area Shield Rules

Youth Academy Under 18 Area Shield Rules

Sussex Youth Academy Under -18 Area Shield 1st Leg Report

Youth Academy Under 18 Area Shield Report

Sussex Youth Academy Under -18 Area Shield Rules

Sussex County Youth Coaching Academy Restructure


Sussex County Junior Coaching Scheme

Coaching changes November 2013

Following our Coaching AGM yesterday the following changes apply

County Coach - Wendy Frizelle 01273 581558 email:

Assistant County Coach - Dave Buttle 01323 720367

Secretary - Geoff Fitch 01323 761101 email:

Academy Administrator - Peter Blanks 01903 243000 email:

A County Youth Academy has been formed to operate on a monthly basis alternating between the east and west of the County throughout the year overseen and run by the County Coaches and Senior coaching staff. It is anticipated that the boys and girls Representative Managers will attend as often as possible with a view to assessing potential for representative selection on the basis that only when juniors are recommended to the Academy by their coaches should they be deemed ready for consideration.

The objective of the County Academy is to provide in conjunction with the English Bowls Youth Development Scheme (EBYDS), a structured set-up for assessing and progressing promising young bowlers through a competitive environment to both maintain their interest in the sport and give them specific achievable goals. This will also serve to show parents a planned training and development programme, to avoid any attempts to try and ‘fast-track’ their offspring too soon at the initial coaching level which can have a detrimental effect on their progress. It should give the representative managers a better vehicle for scouting potential selection material than the current hit and miss method.

The Academy runs at two age levels Junior - 8 to 14 years & Senior -15 to 18 years. These are in line with the EBYDS age groups.

ALL initial training of young bowlers at their Clubs to be under the supervision of an EBCS/ BDA qualified Coach, bearing in mind the implications of the Act covering Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection (CRB checks etc.).

Coaches will prepare the trainee for the relevant level of a new Sussex County Youth AcademyAward scheme prior to nominating their attendance (booklets are available from either County Coach Peter Blanks 01903 243000 or Ladies County Coach Wendy Frizelle 01273 581558). These awards follow the template of Durham County Youth Bowls Awards. This involves 7 levels; Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Normally the Red, Green & Blue would be for the Juniors and Purple, Bronze, Silver and Gold for the Seniors. Candidates passing the various levels will be presented with a certificate and appropriately coloured flash to add to the badge they are awarded for passing the first level. Parents to be made aware of the system and kept informed of pupil’s progress or otherwise by the trainees coach.

EBCS/BDA Coaches will submit names of applicants to the Academy together with a copy of their SCBA or SCIBA Under-25 Registration Form and information on what level of award they are to be assessed on. Applicants to bring their Awards booklet to each Academy session.

Senior Coaches at the Academy will take accepted applicants in their relevant age groups both in an assessment of their award test and also in a programme which will prepare them for County and Regional competitions run by the EBYDS.

The Senior Coaches will liaise with both the parents and the Under-25 Team Managers on request to discuss progress and possible representative selection. They will also discuss progress with their original Coach to ensure continuity of training and practice between Academy sessions.

Peter Blanks