Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association

The Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association
Founded 5th November, 1963
{Revised 11/06/2013}

The Association shall be called “The Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association.”
The objects of the Association shall be:-
(a) To uphold the good name of the English Indoor Bowling Association Limited.
(b)To promote foster and safeguard the game of indoor bowls for men in the County of Sussex as laid down by the rules of The English Indoor Bowling Association Limited.
(c) To encourage clubs to maintain their greens in as perfect a condition as possible.
(d) To arrange Inter-County, other matches and competitions as considered desirable.
(e) To act as arbitrators in all differences referred to it by or among member clubs or individual members and to refer when necessary matters of law and practice to the English Indoor Bowling Association Limited.
(a) Membership of the Association shall be open to indoor bowls clubs in the county of Sussex that are members of the English Indoor Bowling Association Limited. Application for membership shall be made to the Hon. Secretary and shall be accompanied by a list of office bearers together with their addresses and a copy of the club rules. Clubs seeking membership shall confirm that their green has been laid as recommended by the World Indoor Bowls Council’s Code of Practice.
(b) No club playing or intending to play on private, municipal or other greens upon which a member club or clubs is or are playing shall become members until the existing club or clubs using the said greens has or have been consulted by the Association and in the opinion of the Association has or have offered no bona fide objection to it's membership.
(c) All membership clubs are expected to provide reasonable facilities for the staging of competitions promoted by EIBA Ltd. and this Association. Clubs playing on municipal or other greens should possess a permit from the municipal or other authority allowing them the use of the rinks for International, National or other competition purposes.
(d) The Secretary of each club shall forward to the Hon. Secretary of the Association particulars of his club on the approved form no later than the 31st January each year. Clubs must provide the Sussex County IBA Secretary with a list of their male playing members (Names & Address & date of birth) for the current season in order the Association can fulfill its’ obligations under duty of care requirements. Dates of birth are necessary to comply with eligibility for National and County age restricted competitions. The list should reach the Hon. Secretary no later than the 31st December each year. Failure to provide a male member list may result in the suspension of a clubs’ SCIBA Affiliation and loss of associated rights for the period of deferment. Clubs must provide SCIBA with a list of their male players under the age of 25 in order they can be registered with Sussex County IBA for the current season... (Name, address & date of birth). Dates of birth are necessary to comply with eligibility for age restricted National, County and Inter- County League competitions. All shared information shall remain confidential to Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association and shall not be divulged outside of that organisation. Once information held is no longer relevant it will be securely disposed of as confidential waste.
(e) SCIBA has a legal duty of care to all their members but particularly those under the age of 18 years. Clubs must provide SCIBA with the name, home address, date of birth and Parent/Guardian contact of their male under 18 affiliated members at the commencement of the indoor bowls season and no later than 30th November each year. SCIBA will obtain and hold parental consents and details of existing medical conditions of all youth members. The information is renewed each year and held in a confidential file by the SCIBA Secretary for those occasions where the individual plays in a county orientated match or competition where his welfare and well being is a SCIBA responsibility. Once that player attains the age of 18 the material will be securely disposed as confidential waste. Information so held will be maintained as proscribed by the Data Protection Act 1998. Failure to provide the necessary information is a breach of SCIBA Affiliation and may result in the club’s Affiliation rights being suspended.
(f) It shall be within the power of the Association at the Annual General Meeting to bestow Honorary Life Membership of the Association for special services rendered to the Association and/or the sport in particular.
(a) The annual subscription payable by a member club shall be calculated on a per capita basis to be determined by The Executive Committee and announced in the Treasurers Report at the AGM. It shall be paid no later than 31st January each year. Any club failing to pay by the due date may be excluded from further progress in county competitions. As a consequence the sanction will extend to that clubs' individual members.
(b) Clubs failing to pay their subscriptions by the due date each year shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership until the whole of any arrears is paid.
(a) For administrative purposes and with effect from season 2018/19 the County is divided into TWO (2) Areas thus: EAST & WEST. Clubs are individually assigned to a particular Area as determined by the SCIBA Executive Committee. At present : -
EAST: The Grattons; Eastbourne; Egerton Park; Falaise; Gullivers; Langney Sports; Wealden. (For the purposes of the SCIBA County League Gullivers IBC fails to meet the necessary criteria by virtue of available playing area.)
WEST: Adur; Arun; Denton Island; Horsham; Preston; Worthing, Worthing Pavilion.
(b) The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by The County Executive Committee consisting of the:-
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Deputy Vice President
4. Immediate Past President
5. Honorary Life Members
6. Hon. Secretary
7. Hon. Treasurer
8. Hon. Assistant Secretary
9. Hon. Competition Secretary
10. Hon. Match Secretary
11. Hon. Team Secretary
12. Hon. League Manager
13. One (1) Member elected by Sussex County Bowls (SCB)
14. Members of the General Purposes Committee
15. One (1) Delegate from each of the member clubs and registered on the County Membership form. Clubs wishing to substitute their named Delegate may do so provided the Hon. Secretary has been informed at least SEVEN (7) days prior to the date of the meeting. FIFTEEN (15) Members shall constitute a quorum. No person in whatsoever capacity he acts shall be entitled to more than ONE (1) vote in any matter.
(c) The President, Vice President, Deputy Vice President, Immediate Past President, Hon. Secretary and Hon.Treasurer shall act as an Emergency Committee with power to appoint Sub Committees for any specific purpose and to determine whether such Sub Committees shall have powers. All proceedings of an Emergency Committee shall be reported to The Executive Committee.
(d) The Executive Committee shall have the power to give Notices of Motion and make recommendations to the Annual General Meeting and to fill any vacancy arising amongst the Officers during the course of the year.
(e) The Executive Committee shall meet as often as the business of the Association demands.
(f) The Deputy Vice President is to be elected whenever possible on a rotated Area basis.
The duty of the General Purposes Committee is to make recommendations to The Executive Committee on any matter previously referred to it.
A General Purposes Committee shall be appointed at the first Executive Committee meeting following the Annual General Meeting. The Committee will comprise of the Officers, and SIX (6) elected members of affiliated clubs, TWO (2) from each of the THREE (3) County Areas. If more than two nominations are received for any one Area a ballot shall be held. Nominations should be sent to the Hon. Secretary no later than 28 days prior to the A.G.M.
The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy arising during the year. Once a year (February) the SCIBA GPC will meet with the Executive Officers to discuss and make recommendations on all SCIBA finance, income and expenditure for the following indoor season. The recommendations will be discussed at the Executive meeting in April, agreed and progressed to the AGM in June. Costings, tariffs etc. will be effective from the commencement of the following indoor bowls season. FIVE (5) Members will constitute a quorum.
(a) The Hon. Secretary shall keep a record of all business transacted at each meeting of the Association and shall submit a report to the Annual General Meeting. He shall be aided by the Hon. Assistant Secretary.
(b) The Hon. Treasurer shall render to the Annual General Meeting a precise account of the receipts and expenditure for the year ending 30th April, examined and signed by TWO (2) Members from affiliated clubs who shall be elected at the A.G.M. as official Examiners of Accounts.
(c) Details of the Annual report and Statement of Income and Expenditure shall be sent to every member club no later than FOURTEEN (14) days prior to the A.G.M.
(a) The Annual General meeting shall be held in June each year. The notice and agenda of the meeting shall be sent to each member club at least FOURTEEN (14) days prior to the date of the meeting.
(b) Each member club shall be entitled to send to the AGM their Delegate to the Executive Committee and in addition further Delegates in accordance with the following scale: -
Club membership not exceeding 50 members: Nil
Club membership in the range of 51-200 members: ONE (1) additional Delegate
Club membership exceeding 200 members: TWO (2) additional Delegates
Any additional Delegates must be registered on the County Membership form. Clubs may substitute a Delegate for another at any time in the season provided that the Hon. Secretary is informed at least SEVEN (7) days prior to the date of an AGM, EGM or Executive meeting.
(c) Members of affiliated clubs may attend the AGM and take part in the business but members of The Executive Committee and other Delegates only shall be allowed to vote and act. 15 Members will constitute a quorum.
(d) Every item on the agenda shall be submitted to the meeting for discussion and all votes for and against counted.
(e) Notices of Motion and nominations for the offices of President, V. President, Deputy Vice President, Hon.Secretary, Hon. Assistant Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Competition Secretary, Hon. Match Secretary and Hon.Team Secretary must be submitted by affiliated member clubs to the Hon. County Secretary no later than 28 days prior to an AGM.
(f) Where more than ONE (1) nomination is received for any of the above positions a ballot will be held.
(g) An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called if so determined by the Executive Committee or on the request of not less than FIVE (5) Member clubs. SEVEN (7) days notice shall be given before calling an EGM Such notice shall specify the purpose of the EGM and no other business must be transacted at that meeting.
The standard orders applicable to General and Executive Meetings of the English Indoor Bowling Association Limited shall apply to this Association.
The Executive Committee shall be empowered to adjudicate upon any disputes referred to it arising between or amongst member clubs as to the meaning or interpretation of any of the rules, bye laws, regulations and conditions or any matter of practice, policy or complaint which it shall hold to be within its’ jurisdiction. The subject of reference or appeal must be stated in writing to the Hon. Secretary who shall call an Executive Committee to deal with the matter.
(a) The Executive Committee may, after due investigation of the facts and if necessary the examination of witnesses and relevant evidence, suspend or cancel the membership of any Officer, Honorary Life Member or member club upon serving written notice to that effect. The Executive Committee after due investigation of the facts and if necessary the examination of witnesses and relevant evidence may ban either temporarily or permanently as it sees fit, an individual member of a member club for participation in any activities of the Association that brings the Association into disrepute. The ban shall take effect upon serving written notice to that effect.
(b) It shall be competent to the Executive Committee after due investigation of the facts and if need be the examination of witnesses and relevant evidence to suspend or terminate the membership of any Club, Life Member or individual member thereof.
The Laws of the game governing indoor bowls shall be those of the World Indoor Bowls Council notwithstanding any over-riding SCIBA bye laws. A. Clubs shall in making local arrangements as are deemed necessary to govern competitions, take these into account and such regulations shall be approved by the Association and be published for members and visiting players.
13. Special Requirements Attention is drawn to the current requirements for the stamping of bowls.
The Executive Committee shall have entire control of all County Matches, National and County Competitions within their edict and may delegate such power to sub-committees appointed for this purpose.
Selection Committee
For County Representative Badge matches a County Selection Committee shall select. It will comprise the President, Vice-President, Deputy Vice President, Team Secretary, Match Secretary and League Manager:-
The Committee shall have the power to co-opt any SCIBA affiliated member to assist as it sees fit. The Hon. Secretary will attend in an ex officio capacity to assist administration.
The President will chair the meetings. The Hon. Secretary will have no selection remit but will advise and assist in administering the meetings. The Team Secretary will be responsible for the publication of the team sheets and any subsequent amendments. The President and Vice President may select for their own clubs.
Nominations for club appointed County Selectors are to be received by the Hon. Secretary from the Clubs on the form provided no later than 28 days before the date of the AGM.
Nominees must be SCIBA Badged at the time the form is returned. Clubs must re-affirm their support for an existing selector each year on the prescribed form.
The Committee have the power to: -
(a) Co-opt if necessary.
(b) Select Players who are known to the Committee whether or not they are nominated by their club.
(c) Invite any Player or Players to complete a County Team although not nominated by their Club.
(d) Teams for the Liberty Trophy, Home Counties League and Over 60 National league should selected by an appointed SCIBA Team Manager.
(e) Administration of the Annual Patrons matches will be the responsibility of the Assistant Secretary. Selection rests with the clubs.
(f) President's Executive match teams are selected by the President. Clubs will be responsible for the match fee(s) of their members who, having been selected to play fail without good reason to attend at the appointed time.
(a) When a player selected for a County game (including County Under 25 games) fails to attend for that match and no reasonable excuse is provided by him or his club, that player shall not be selected for any County match (including County Under 25 games) for a period up to but not exceeding THREE (3) years.
(b) The defaulting player shall additionally be disqualified from competing in all County Competitions for the full period of his suspension. A player so debarred will not be permitted to continue in any County competition he remains in with effect from the date of his suspension. If the fault is found not to rest with the player concerned but with the County or his club, that player shall not be penalised.
(c) Prior to any decision being taken the player and/or club shall be asked for an explanation. This will then be considered by the County Selection Committee and the decision given by the Secretary in writing. An appeal should be made within fourteen (14) days of the decision being notified to the player and club involved and dealt with as an emergency matter as defined in Rule 5(c). (c) When a player selected to play in any county game does not attend his club shall responsible for paying the match fee.
16. SCIBA Notices
1. The Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association herein thereafter referred to as “the Association.”
2. Any notice given to be given to or by any person pursuant to the business of the Association shall be in writing or shall be given using electronic communications to an address for the time being notified for that purpose to the person giving the notice. In this regulation “address” in relation to electronic communications includes any number or address used for the purposes of such communications.
3. The Association may give any notice to a Member either personally or by sending it by post in a prepaid envelope addressed to the Member at his registered address or by leaving it at that address or by giving it using electronic communications to an address for the time being notified to the Association by the Member. A Member whose registered address is not within the United Kingdom and who gives to the Association an address within the United Kingdom at which notices may be given to him, or an address to which notices may be sent using electronic communications shall be entitled to have notices given to him at that address but otherwise no such Member shall be entitled to receive any notice from the Association. In this regulation and the next “address” in relation to electronic communications includes any number or address used for the purposes of such communications.
4. A Member present, either in person or by proxy at any meeting of the Association shall be deemed to have received notice of the meeting and where requisite, of the purposes for which it was called.
5. Proof that an envelope containing a notice was properly addressed, prepaid and posted shall be conclusive evidence that the notice was given. Proof that a notice contained in an electronic communication was sent in accordance with guidance issued by the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators shall be conclusive evidence that the notice was given. A notice shall be deemed to have been given at the expiration of 48 hours after the envelope containing it was posted or in the case of a notice contained in an electronic communication at the expiration of 48 hours after the time it was sent.
Subject to the provisions of the Act but without prejudice to any indemnity to which a Member of the Executive Committee may otherwise be entitled, every Member of the Executive Committee or other Officer, or Auditor or Examiner of the Association shall be indemnified out of the assets of the Association against any liability incurred by him in defending any proceedings, whether civil or criminal in which judgement is given in his favour, or in which he is acquitted, or in connection with any application in which relief is granted to him by the court from liability for negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust in relation to the affairs of the Association.
Rules, Regulations & Bye Laws
The Executive Committee may from time to time make such reasonable and proper rules, regulations or bye laws as they deem necessary or expedient for the proper conduct and management of the Association. The rules, regulations or bye laws may regulate the following matters but are not restricted to them: -
(a) the admission of affiliated Members of the Association (including the admission of organisations to the membership) and the rights and privileges of such Members and entrance fees, subscriptions and other fees or payments to be made by Members.
(b) the conduct of Members in relation to one another and to the Associations;
(c) the conduct of competitions and tournaments organised by or with the authority of the Association;
(d) the procedure at general meetings and meetings of the Executive in so far as such procedure is not otherwise regulated within the Association’s framework;
(e) generally all such matters as are commonly the subject matter of Association rules.
The Executive Committee must adopt such means as they think sufficient to bring the rules, regulations or bye laws to the notice of Members of the Association. The Rules, regulations or bye laws shall be binding on all Members. No rule, regulation or bye law shall be inconsistent with or shall affect or repeal anything contained in the Rules & Objects of the Association.
(a) Any individual member of a Member Club may become a County Annual Patron on payment of an annual subscription and shall receive a copy of the SCIBA Yearbook annually.
(b) The subscription for membership shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting of the Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association and shall be payable not later than 31st March each year. Annual Patrons subscription levels so agreed at the AGM will be applied with immediate effect thereafter. The subscription tariff applies to all clubs submitting Annual Patron returns from the date of the AGM onwards.
There are no exceptions and subscriptions shall be levied for the year commencing with close of business at each SCIBA AGM.
Notwithstanding administrative clarifications amendments of or additions to any of the foregoing rules shall only be made on a proposition by a club or clubs or the Executive Committee at the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for the purpose. In the case of a Special General Meeting FOUR (4) weeks notice of the meeting shall be given by the Hon Secretary of the Association to those entitled to attend the meeting setting out the proposed alterations or additions to the Rules. No proposal for alterations of these rules shall be deemed to have been passed at any General Meeting unless two thirds of the votes cast are in favour thereof.
The purpose of these Regulations is to ensure that proper procedures are followed for the receipt and payment of monies due or to be paid out by the Hon. County Treasurer on behalf of the Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association.
1.0 Records of Income and Expenditure and Bank Account Reconciliation.
1.1 The Treasurer shall maintain manual and electronic accounts of all income and expenditure and reconcile those accounts with the SCIBA bank records and balances at least on quarterly intervals. 2.0 Collection of Income.
2.0 At the County Annual General Meeting the Treasurer shall notify the affiliated indoor bowls clubs of Sussex of the amount of fees due from them to SCIBA and the dates by which those fees should be paid. A confirmatory letter shall be sent to all clubs.
2.1 Should a fee not be received by the due date the Treasurer shall send a reminder notification to the club concerned and inform the County Secretary if such reminder fails to produce the monies due.
2.2 At County matches income from the Officers of the Day along with monies from the sale of county stock will be paid to the Treasurer by way of an approved match proforma setting out details of all income received less expenses such as host club charges.
2.3 The County Competition Secretary will forward all entry fees he receives for competitions to the Treasurer as soon as practicable detailing the corresponding source.
2.4 The Treasurer will pay into the SCIBA bank account/s all income received as soon as practicable.
3.0 Expenditure
3.1 In general the Treasurer is authorised to make payments on behalf of SCIBA when he is satisfied about the need for and reasonableness of an item of expenditure and the ability of the budget to meet such amounts. No potential SCIBA asset (ie: equipment) shall be purchased without prior authority as detailed in these regulations.
3.2 For guidance: Amounts of £50.00 and under may be spent by authorised County Officers without specific approval but in all cases a detailed invoice with original receipts must be given to the Treasurer before reimbursement is considered. SCIBA shall not be committed to meeting any claim unless the Treasurer is satisfied the expenditure is reasonable.
3.3 Amounts over £50.00 but under £100.00….. SCIBA shall not be committed to costs in this range without prior approval by the County Treasurer and subject to an explanation about the need for and reasonableness of the cost, whether it be for goods or services. The Treasurer may ask the proposer to obtain at least two quotations if the latter considers that to be advisable.
3.4 Costs exceeding £100.00 but under £250.00 must be authorised beforehand by the Treasurer, President and Secretary. The proposer may be asked to obtain at least two quotations if considered advisable. SCIBA shall not be committed to costs in this range without prior approval of the parties herein indicated.
3.5 Once satisfied the County Treasurer will confirm a cost commitment. Should the Treasurer consider the proposed expenditure needs further consideration beyond his remit he shall inform the County Secretary and County President who will instruct him accordingly.
3.6 Costs of over £250.00….The Treasurer must inform the County Secretary of the detail of any proposal to incur a cost commitment of this size in order that the proposal may be referred to the General Purposes Committee for their consideration. If necessary the General Purposes Committee may resolve to refer a proposal to the County Executive Committee for their scrutiny and final determination.
3.7 Cumulative costs exceeding £50.00 must be referred to the County Treasurer prior to claiming reimbursement in order he is apprised of them beforehand. He will then decide the claim and whether it may be reimbursed without additional authority.
3.8 On occasion an emergency cost may arise and under such circumstances the President, Vice President, County Secretary and Treasurer shall meet to consider the proposal beforehand. They may call on the proposer and/or other person/s as they see fit to attend the meeting before deciding upon what action should ultimately be taken.
3.9 Under all circumstances where a reimbursable cost is incurred and subsequently claimed The Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association reserve the right to withhold payment if they consider the expenditure was unnecessary, the item or service could have been purchased for significantly less or that the claim was made without reference to the procedures laid down within these financial regulations.
3.9.1 Every County Officer or Member that is entitled to reimbursable expenses will submit a written claim at the end of each calendar month on the approved “Expenses Claim” form. These can be provided in hard copy by the Treasurer or Secretary and completed in manuscript by the claimant but as most members requiring the form have computer and internet access it is provided for direct download by email from the Secretary upon request.
The document is produced in Microsoft Word format which is compatible with most computers. However, if that is not the case a hard copy shall be provided for completion in manuscript and return by mail. Once downloaded the document may be copied as often as needs define, completed manually or filled in on screen and returned to the Treasurer immediately after the end of each calendar month either by e.mail or post. Upon receipt the Treasurer shall print off the completed expense claim form and retain a hard copy which shall be archived for a minimum period of three (3) years. It shall be sufficient for e.mailed claim forms to be “electronically” signed by the claimant. 3.9.2 At the end of each calendar month claimants will submit original receipts for purchased goods by first class post to the Treasurer indicating clearly which expense claim they correspond to in order he may accurately correlate them. Where expenses are submitted through the mail relevant receipts must be attached to the claim form. Reimbursement, once approved shall be by means of a cheque drawn on the County Association’s bank account made payable directly to the official claimant.
3.9.3 A Nil monthly expense return need NOT be submitted.
3.9.4 An Officer purchasing the needs for his position must ensure such items are obtained so far as is possible at the best available cost to SCIBA. This must take into account fair and reasonable post and packaging costs where mail order methods are used and take full advantage of free p&p whenever it is available. If an Officer is uncertain which supplier to use to ensure he meets these requirements the County Treasurer or Secretary will advise him accordingly. Officers have a duty to ensure goods or services purchased on behalf of SCIBA are bought at the best available price as the Association is directly accountable to the Membership for all monies expended on their behalf.
4. 0 SCIBA Stock
4.1 SCIBA stock is the responsibility of the County Treasurer. The reconciliation of saleable county stock, badges, ties, shirts etc. also rests with him. He is responsible for producing an annual reconciliation return that is placed before the County’s Examiners for audit at the conclusion of the financial year. He may be aided in this role by the County Secretary.
4.2 Stock is distributed among the Executive Officers, GPC Members and Selectors who are responsible for its’ sale throughout the season, primarily at matches where an individual officer or authorised person is designated as the “Officer of the Day” but occasionally under other circumstances. Monies so received shall be paid to the Treasurer as soon as possible after the game and form part of the financial detail of the approved match return issued by the County Treasurer and completed by the Officer of the Day subsequent to each match.
4.3 Monies taken other than at matches (ie: ad hoc sales) should be sent to the Treasurer without delay detailing the stock item it refers to and the individual selling it.
4.4 In order to better manage the movement of saleable county items each officer or member issued with a supply of county stock will hold it against personal receipt. He shall have an individual account maintained by the County Treasurer that details stock supplied and stock held in his possession. Stock sold, along with relative dates and confirmations of monies paid to the Treasurer, will be distilled from completed match returns. The County Treasurer shall be responsible for the retention of personal account documents.
He may from time to time be aided in this role by the County Secretary.
4.5 On each occasion an Officer replenishes his holding he will sign his personal stock account sheet and shall be responsible for the items in his possession. Stock lost or unaccounted for shall remain the liability of the Officer it was originally issued to and recoverable by SCIBA at the items’ current cost.
4.6 The Personal Stock Account will commence on the 1st May each year and list all stock held by an individual officer of the county. This should correspond to the stock return figure accounted for by the Treasurer as at 30th April, the end of the previous SCIBA season. A quarterly stock sheet shall be maintained by the County Treasurer assisted by the County Secretary.
4.7 The Treasurer will be responsible for administering the individual Officer’s stock account sheet when auditing stock at the conclusion of each season on the 30th April.
4.8 The Treasurer and Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining an end of season inventory that should correspond to actual and theoretical sales for each Officer and be consistent with the individual’s opening stock holding as at 1st May the subsequent year.
4.9 An Officer permanently leaving SCIBA and/or retiring from his county position shall return county stock remaining in his possession to the Treasurer. Deficits must be reconciled by the retiring individual at cost (see para.4.5). The Treasurer shall close that individual’s stock account against confirmatory signature once he is satisfied that all stock and/or monies have been secured.
4.9.1 The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining an up to date list of suppliers and for ensuring that county stock is replenished in a manner that obviates outright depletion. When meeting restocking costs the Treasurer should confer with the President and Secretary before final payment. Wherever possible and in the financial interests of the county membership, the purchase of new stock must be made against the most suitable available quote.
These Financial Regulations take effect from the 1st September, 2012. Revisions or amendments shall be the joint responsibility of the Hon. County Treasurer and the Hon. County Secretary.