SCIBA - County Badge & Credit Records.


Theses records are held and maintained by the Sussex Indoor County Team Secretary Martyn Naylor: and are published here in full at the end of each season. Queries or disputes should be directed to him in the first instance.

The BADGED list shows the match date when badged and when playing in the first & second year after the award. Also recorded is whether flashed for HCL/Liberty, if played a County/HCL/Liberty match in the season and any flash credits held. It is unfortunate that old County records can not recall all historic badge dates. If you know yours, please inform the Team Secretary.

The UNBADGED list records the match date of the COLT award and the subsequent second,third and fourth credits. Flashed and flash credit are also shown. When the player becomes Badged he leaves this list and is transferred to the BADGED list together with any flash records.

SCIBA WAIVER: SCIBA DOES NOT guarantee or make any representation that records so published below are necessarily accurate or fully up to date. Ultimately they will be updated on a match by match basis by the Hon. Team Secretary but we are still a little way off this ideal. We advise that you read these records on the basis that they are a continuing work in progress and very dependent on unambiguous information being made available. They should ONLY be used as a rough guide. In large part these records only go back to 2000 as many of the originals were corrupted files. However, a manual search of the county records going back prior to 2000 can be made and if you honestly believe your details are unreliable in these published files please let the Team Secretary know and he will instigate a manual search of SCIBA historical information held by the County Secretary. At the conclusion of each season the Team Secretary will publish a more up to date list of badge and credit history using the concluded season's match score cards and competition results.

Badged Players 2018 - 2019

Unbadged Credits 2018 - 2019