SCIBA County Match Selection Information



Bowlers keen to play for Sussex County Indoor BA must first be listed on the Sussex County Indoor Roll. If you fall into the groups listed below then you are already entered on the new County Roll.
Speak to your Club’s County Selector if you are interested in supporting Sussex County but are not sure if you are shown on the County Roll.

Those SCIBA Members selected for International duty in seasons 2011/12 and 2012/13
Those who played for SCIBA in the Liberty Trophy in seasons 2011/12 and 2012/13
Those who played for SCIBA in the Home Counties League in seasons 2011/12 and 2012/13
Those SCIBA Members who achieved the National Finals in seasons 2011/12 and 2012/13
Those who are currently badged Sussex Indoor BA players.
Those who played for Sussex County Indoor BA in seasons 2011/12 and 2012/13.
Winners and Finalists reaching semi-final/final stages of SCIBA County Competitions for seasons 2011/12 and 2012/13.
Those with current Sussex County Indoor BA badge credits to their name.
Current SCIBA Officers, Executive Delegates, GPC Members, County Selectors & Life Members.
Those specifically proposed by their clubs’ County Selector.
Those who listed themselves as “interested” in supporting Sussex County Indoor BA on their Annual Club Return for 2013/14 (posted the previous season on Member’s Noticeboards)

SCIBA UNBADGED bowlers interested in playing for Sussex County should speak with their club’s County Selector about the opportunities for them to be selected for their Sussex County COLT award and then to go on and achieve their County Badge through the credit programme.
By adding your name for consideration it shows the County Selectors the enthusiasm you have to better your standard of play and meet the challenge of bowling at a higher competitive level.

Bowlers already on the County Badge credit ladder are encouraged to add their name to any of the matches they wish to be considered for. If selected only one credit per season counts towards a County Badge but there is no limit to the number of county matches you may play in.


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AGREED PROPOSAL – SUMMARY (Revised 05.02.13)


i) All players with a genuine interest to play at county level and particularly county badge matches will be entered onto a Sussex County IBA Roll. The County Roll will be maintained by the Hon. Secretary and the Hon. Team Secretary and open to member scrutiny at any time. The initial stock will include all those who represented Sussex County IBA in the immediate years preceding the establishment of the County Roll, both badged and unbadged players, those with badge credits already awarded as well as those without but who’ve represented SCIBA in County Club matches over that period. Players indicating an interest in County play and listed by clubs pre-season will be added onto the SCIBA County Roll. (see Player Guidance Notes above)

ii) The County Roll will include contributory information about a player valuable to SCIBA. The years in which he played for SCIBA in representative matches (Inter-County Badge) as well as County Club matches representing SCIBA against the county’s indoor clubs. The individual player’s preferred playing position, current affiliated club, badge credits, date badged, county shirt size and contact telephone number.

iii) The County Roll will be a progressive database of information for SCIBA…. Bowlers no longer interested in playing representative matches will be withdrawn from badge match selection. Bowlers wishing to support SCIBA will be added to the Roll. Apart from personal contributions in terms of being either on or off the Roll individual County Selectors will be able to endorse or renounce the inclusion of their own club players as they see fit.


a) A Sussex County IBA Selection Committee shall be responsible for making the selection of players for all representative inter-county badge matches. The County Selection Committee shall be comprised of the President, the Vice President, Hon. Team Secretary, Team Manager and Hon. Match Secretary. The Hon. County Secretary shall attend meetings in an ex officio capacity. The Committee will have the power to co-opt Members onto it.

b) Selections will be taken from a county pool made up of those players who have indicated their availability on the Badge Match Club Returns. So far as is possible fours shall be constituted of players from different clubs in order to avoid rinks comprised of players from the same club.

c) The County Selection Committee shall meet as dictated by the schedule of representative badge matches. The Hon. Team Secretary (assisted as required by the Hon. Secretary) shall be responsible for the timetable of meetings and for publishing all match team sheets. Team Selections shall be published on the SCIBA website.

d) Selection of players for County Club friendly matches and Annual Patron games will remain the sole preserve of the elected County Selector and Annual Patrons club appointee who will submit his returns directly to the SCIBA Team Secretary and SCIBA Assistant Secretary by the dates requested. Returns may be made by telephone, post or e.mail.

e) County Executive Officers will submit an Availability Return regarding selection for the Officer’s Rink at matches. The return will be made to the County Team Secretary as determined by the badge match allocation schedule and relevant selection summons.


a) With effect from the initial implementation of these proposals each affiliated Sussex Indoor bowls club shall elect or appoint their own dedicated County Selector who shall be responsible for selecting club rinks to represent Sussex in County Club and Annual Patron matches scheduled for the following indoor season. (Annual Patron selection may be delegated to an alternative club member if preferred). He will also be responsible for identifying players (badged and unbadged) that are playing to a high standard and in his view should be considered to represent Sussex at inter-county badge match level. He will ensure such players are included on the County Roll both at the commencement of the season and during it. It will be through these Club elected Selectors that the County Selection Committee will come to rely for players of above average bowls ability being placed before them to be selected for SCIBA representative badge matches. It is vital that clubs electing their Club County Selector do so with that aim in mind if Sussex is going to produce consistently successful teams in the future.

b) Only players admitted onto the County Roll will be considered for selection to play in County Club or County Representative Badge matches. Only fully subscribed Annual Patrons shall be considered for Annual Patron match selection.

c) Each year prior to the commencement of the new indoor season the SCIBA Selection Committee shall meet with the elected County Selector of each affiliated club to review and refine the list of players identified on the County Roll and available for badge match selection. Their inclusion will be ratified and notwithstanding an individual players’ preference, recommended rink positions for inter-county matchplay agreed. Those players will then be highlighted on the County Roll to receive consideration for badge match selection. Their number will not, however, be regarded as finite as at any time, by definition, players may be removed or added to the County Roll dependent on personal interest or the recommendation of their elected County Selector. Through this constant rotation will the quality of the county stock of players be better measured, improved upon and the SCIBA Selection Committee kept up to the moment and informed about every player option at their disposal.

d) A player nominated for badge match selection will only be accepted by SCIBA if he has during the previous three (3) indoor seasons achieved and maintained a standard of playing ability recognised by the County Selection Committee and including at least one of the following qualifications:

i) played to county level for SCIBA.
ii) reached the final in any of the four (4) major SCIBA Championships.
iii) represented SCIBA on a minimum of four (4) occasions in an Under 25 team.
iv) reached the semi-final of any SCIBA competition. (excluding one day tournaments).
v) represented a club on not less than six (6) occasions in the SCIBA Inter-Club County League and/or the Denny Cup or Plate and/or the London & Southern Counties Indoor Shield competition and/or the Over 60’s Inter-Club Double Rink over a   minimum of two (2) seasons.
vi) won the unrestricted Club Singles or Pairs competitions.
vii) been a badged player for any other County or National Association.
viii) is a current elected Officer of SCIBA.

e) To qualify for inclusion on the County Roll a player shall be a member of an affiliated SCIBA club or Association and to be considered for selection for a badge match he shall not have played for any other EIBA affiliated county club or Association in the same season.


a) A non-playing Team Manager shall be appointed for a three year term to select and manage a team for the Liberty Trophy National Inter-County competition and the Home Counties IBA League. His appointment shall be reviewed annually and confirmed at the first County Executive meeting immediately following the county AGM. The appointee may select up to two Assistant Managers of his choosing. The Hon. Secretary shall assist the Team Manager in an ex officio capacity. The Team Manager will report directly to the SCIBA Executive Committee.
b) An Under 25 Manager or other authorised person shall be appointed annually by the Executive Committee to select for and manage SCIBA Under 25 players. He will report directly to the Executive Committee and his appointment will be reviewed and confirmed at the first Executive Committee meeting immediately following the county AGM. The Hon. Secretary shall assist as necessary in an ex officio capacity.
c) Appointees confirmed at (a) and (b) above shall require a current CRB certificate prior to taking up their positions.


i) Players wishing to be considered to play in SCIBA representative matches must make themselves available for selection over and above their individual club commitments. Clubs have a duty to release their players for county representative matchplay beyond any need for them to meet club commitments. Players shall not be disadvantaged for failing to be available for county selection if they have been selected for International duty or are playing National competitions.
ii) Sussex County IBA has a reasonable expectation, barring extraneous circumstances to depend on senior badged players included on the County Roll to make every effort to maintain their availability for Inter-County representative matchplay during the course of an indoor season.

Tony Phillips
Hon. Secretary
Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association
31st March, 2013

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